From paying bills to splitting bar tabs, money-sending apps have made it easier than ever to do anything. In recent years, these apps have become increasingly popular, and there is a range of choices to choose from. 

The best money-sending app for you depends on your unique situation, including what you are using the app for and to whom you are sending the money. You may need to pass funds to others at periods like now when you can not visit your friends and family because of the coronavirus. 

Look for one of the various ways to submit money for free or for low rates, if that’s the case. Check out 5 methods of sending money for those occasions when you’re indebted to someone or need a money transfer.

What Is the Best Way to Pay Someone Electronically?
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Money transfer apps such as Venmo allow you to send cash and do other functions, such as paying with your phone at participating companies. Venmo, which is owned by PayPal, also has a social feature to share with friends your transfer history.

But Venmo allows you to use a funding source like a bank account or money you have collected from others via the app if you only want to move money for free. 

To make a cash transfer to other Venmo users, click on the Venmo app. After you pick a number, before completing the transaction, you can add a note. Within a seven-day duration, you should not send more than $4,999.99, and Venmo is restricted to use within the U.S.


CashApp, previously known as Square Cash, is from Square, the parent company, which is best known for supplying small businesses with payment processing platforms. With CashApp and a connected debit card, you can immediately send and receive funds. 

There is no charge for using the service with a personal account, but when you use the company version, there is a 3 percent fee. CashApp only deals for debit cards, so if you prefer to use a credit card or a related bank account, it isn’t the best fit. 

If you want to play with small-scale investments, CashApp also allows you to invest in stocks and cryptocurrencies, which is a neat function.

Apple Pay

You can add coupons, credit, debit, or store cards to the Apple Pay account that you can use to transfer money to friends or family members if you have an Apple computer, like an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac. 

Via Apple Pay, there are several ways to send money. Through the Messages app, you can use your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch to send money. Click the “Apple Pay” icon to open a conversation with the person you wish to send money to, enter the sum you want to send, tap “Pay,” and send the post. 

By using Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode, you will be asked to validate your payment. Your iPhone or Apple Watch can also be used to ask Siri to transfer money to one of your contacts. 

In a single transaction, you can send anywhere from $1 to $10,000; for each seven-day cycle, $10,000 is the cap. While you can use Apple Pay to make payments in various countries, you can only use it to move money inside the U.S. 


USForex is challenging to beat, whether you need to submit substantial cash sums at home or abroad. Before you move any currency, USForex accepts all major currencies and allows you to lock in an exchange rate. 

You’re not charged a transfer fee if you submit an amount above $5,000; anything below that amount has a flat transfer fee of $5. 

While USForex provides the flexibility of both its online service and a mobile app, if you need someone to transfer for you, you can also call, and one of its dealers will be able to help.


Zelle is an app for sending money that allows for direct bank-to-bank transfers between people. You can transfer money within the same business day if you and the person you send funds to have accounts with a participating bank. 

In many other cases, individuals can transfer funds via Zelle inside their banking app rather than having to download a separate app. The service is free, and in a matter of minutes, funds will also come into your account.

What Is the Best Way to Pay Someone Electronically?
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Be sure that you take all the appropriate precautions to ensure that the transfer is safe before sending money to someone via your phone, computer, or other devices. 

Be sure to hold onto the receipt or proof of transfer if you make a transfer until the receiver acknowledges that they have obtained the funds and can access them. This way, you can have evidence of the move if a problem occurs.