How to Apply for the PayPal Prepaid Credit Card

PayPal, since 1999, has been one of the major players when it comes to digital wallets and the online cash transfer business. Today, the services they provide have gone up a notch and they now provide credit cards. It’s more of a trend for most businesses to have credit cards, but PayPal understands what the user needs.

With the PayPal Prepaid Credit Card, you have a card that gives you credit on depending on how much you deposit. If you think that’s a disadvantage, then you have no idea what’s in store for you as you have some of the best rates in the market with this card.


You then have a number of rewards that come up when you use this card – and you can use it for almost all purchases. Get to learn more about these rewards among others than you can get when you use this card below. Read on to learn more.

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Benefits of the PayPal Prepaid Credit Card

Some of the benefits that you get to earn when you use this card include easy movement of money from your PayPal account to the card. One of the major challenges of PayPal, for most of its users, has been getting money from the PayPal account to your day to day use. That has been dealt with when you have this card.

The other advantage you get when you use this card is the 2% cashback you earn when you purchase through the card. You can get to learn more about that and the discounts you get withholding this card through the PayPal website.


The good thing is that you can redeem the cashback directly to your PayPal account. The other thing is that there are no foreign transaction fees applied when you use this card overseas. And, you can use the card where any MasterCard is accepted worldwide.

Eligibility & How To Apply

Like all other cards, you have to meet a certain set of requirements for you to get this card. First of all, you need to have a PayPal account before you can start the application process.

The application process for the card is quite easy if you can apply online. You don’t need any tech know-how to be able to pull through the application process.


You can also make a call to PayPal card services if going through the whole online process looks like a struggle for you. The customer care rep will assist you and show you how to go about quite easy, without you having to browse through the internet.

Interest Rates and Fees

There are a number of fees that are charged when it comes to credit cards. Some of which you may know about outright, while others you have to consult with the issuer to get more information about. With this card, here are some of the fees that you can expect to pay.

  • $4.95 monthly fee
  • Card purchase fees: $0
  • Cash Reload attracts a $3.95 fee
  • Card Replacement attracts a $5.95 fee
  • If you are to inquire about your balance, you have to pay a $0.50 fee
  • OTC withdrawal fee is capped at up to $4.00

Contact Info

With PayPal, you just can’t call the number you see there as customer support if you don’t want to wait on a call. You can easily get in touch with a rep for card services through this customer care number: 1-866-753-6440. We have also listed their mailing address below.


2211 North First Street

San Jose, CA 95131


PayPal has come a long way from just being an online money transfer service provider. With the credit cards they are getting into the market, they are certainly competing with some of the big wigs in the field. The PayPal Prepaid card makes it easy for you to get money from your PayPal account among some other benefits listed above.

Disclaimer: All credit products carry risk. Be aware of these risks by reading the associated terms and conditions.