It is not easy to determine where to start when it is your first experience with credit cards. Besides having lots of card choices available for you, you also have a lot of new things to assimilate to. Cash-back points, APRs, yearly fees, etc.; what do they even mean?

However, you need to begin at a point, just like most people have. Additionally, you have to consider certain things before using your first credit card. First, you need to set-up a budget of what you expect. 

Further, you need to monitor your purchases so that you are not using your card irrelevantly. Plus, you can think of using the lowest limit in your credit card, and ultimately pay your bill monthly. Check out these cards listed to start using today!

Which Types of Credit Cards Should Beginners Use
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Discover it® Cash Back

With this card, you can earn 5% cashback on your daily purchases at several locations every quarter, such as grocery shops, Amazon, gas stations, restaurants. Also, you get this reward rate when up to the quarterly limit if you activate it.

Further, you will get 1% unlimited automatic cash backs on every purchase that you make. Interestingly, the annual fee for this card is $0 (no yearly fee). 

The balance Transfer into APR fee is 0% for one year and two months. However, for regular APR, you will pay a variable fee ranging between 11.99 – 22.99%.

This card will enable you to redeem any amount of cashback, whatever time you like. These rewards have no expiration date.

Capital One® Platinum Credit Card

You will be able to pay no annual fee with this card. Moreover, when you have used this card for as little as half-a-year, you automatically qualify for a more significant credit line.

Also, there is coverage of fraud in the case that your card gets into the wrong hands. You can use online banking for your account’s access, from your phone’s application or smartphone. You also have the freedom to monitor your account throughout the day.

This card’s annual fee is $0. The Intro Purchase APR rate is unknown, while the regular APR is 26.99%, subject to change.

Deserve® EDU Mastercard for Students

Member FDIC, Celtic bank issue these cards to people who need them for shopping. You can monitor and manage your expenditure, use automatic payments, and keep your card frozen in a single simplistic app.

Get 12 months of Deserve Amazon Prime Student after you have spent $500 within the initial billing rounds using your EDU master card. 

Using your Deserve EDU credit card, you can earn 1% Cash Back on all the purchases that you make using the card. Moreover, you will start getting cashback on all your purchase once you get approval for our card.

You do not need any deposit to own this card; neither does it impose annual fees ($0). It has a regular APR of 18.74%, which varies. Deserve master card forbids international transaction fees to boost your confidence level as you travel abroad.

Credit One Bank® Visa® Credit Card

Which Types of Credit Cards Should Beginners Use
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This probably would be fit for you without affecting your credit rating. It allows you to exhibit your character by choosing the myriad of card designs available. However, note that you may be charged a fee for this.

This credit card allows you to custom email/texts to always be aware of your payments’ due dates or in case your account runs low. It also enables you to select the monthly due date, with terms and conditions applying.

Credit One Bank offers you rewards of 1% Cash Back on authentic buys that include groceries, gas, and mobile, cable, and internet services. Here, also note that terms and conditions are applicable.

The annual fee ranges between $0 – $99, while the regular APR varies between 17.99% – 23.99%.


You can reap great benefits if you are disciplined with your use of a credit card. For newbies, try the credit cards listed and discover their amazing interests and potential!