Why You Need The Highly Rated Discover Mobile Credit Card App

With many Americans being borrowers, credit cards have by far become the cornerstone of the American economy. Almost everyone uses a credit card for one or various transactions every day. That’s how important the cards have become to our day to day living.

Without the cards, a number of people wouldn’t be able to meet some of their daily needs. The culture of ‘buy today and pay later’ is taking over and is embraced across the country. The Discover card offers one of the best credit card perks when it comes to credit cards.


Further, they have an app that is impressing all kinds of users. But what’s the fuss all about? Continue reading to learn more about this app.

Discover Mobile Credit Card App

Which Phones Support The App

The first thing you want to know about the app is if it is compatible with the phone you have. The Discover app is compatible with both iPhone and android operating systems.


The other phones that don’t support the app are Blackberry and Windows operating systems. But that doesn’t mean it’s useless when using these two types of phones. You can use the phone browsers to access the Discover services through m.discover.com.


If you lose your card, what do you do after you have reported the incident to the police? You obviously still want to use your card to pay for stuff since your expenses don’t go away simply because you lost your card. Now, with the Discover Card app, you get a layout that offers you services in this area.

You get a secure app that allows you entry through a fingerprint scan. You can also see your card balance and transactions. Additionally, you can pay your bills through the app. Also, you can freeze the card rather than canceling it through the app, when you lose your card.


What Happens If You Forget Your Security Logs

The main worry that most people have when it comes to apps that have money relations is their security. What if you forget your password to the app? In the app, you can select the ‘Forgot Passcode’ option on your app screen and you’ll be prompted to create and new passcode.

If you forget your passcode and enter the wrong one three consecutive times, for security purposes, you’ll be locked out. It means then if your phone is stolen, the thief can’t easily access your app.

What If You Don’t Have A SmartPhone?

As stated before, if your phone doesn’t support the app, you can use the mobile web to access services as well. As long as you have internet access on your phone, you can use the service through m.discovery.org. You can use the site to view transactions, pay history, make a payment, view rewards details and you can also enroll in reward programs.

All in all, here are what makes the app highly valuable and one that you must have.

  1. View account summary
  2. View payment history
  3. View your free FICO® credit score
  4. Report a misplaced or stolen card
  5. Refer a friend to Discover and earn rewards
  6. Reset forgotten or misplaced passcodes
  7. Access your Discover bank account
  8. View rewards history
  9. Enroll in various perks like cashback bonus and mile promotion
  10. Redeem partner rewards for partner gifts and statement credit purchasesdiscover mobile credit card app


The Discover credit card app is one that has been hyped up over the years. However, a number of people have never quite noticed the importance. The good of the app by far outweighs the bad of the credit cards. And the reasons that have been listed here are why you need the application on your phone if you have a Discover credit card.