Things to Know About Cashback Categories

Cashback is one of the most popular credit card rewards as it lets you spend money and earn money back at the same time. For example, if your credit card offers 5% cash back on all purchases, a $10 purchase will give you $0.50 back. Several online stores also offer various cashback promotions. The rewards … Read more

The 5 Main Types of Cashback You Can Get With Most Credit Cards

What could be easier than getting a small amount of money back on your everyday expenses? That is how cashback cards operate and what makes them appealing to other customers. Money-back cards come in several categories including bonus types, tiered bonuses, and flat cashback cards, and they all payback some amount to cardholders. A flat … Read more

How Is Cashback Profitable For Credit Card Companies?

You probably have a number of credit cards in your wallet right now, but how often do you think about how they work? For example, have you ever wondered how credit card companies make money with all the perks they give out to users? They, too, are a business at the end of the day … Read more

Cash Back or Travel Rewards: Which Is Best For You?

Credit cards offer their cardholders a variety of different rewards. Two of the main types of rewards are cash back and travel rewards. Both offer great opportunities to earn while you spend. Whichever one works for you is highly dependent on your spending habits and your lifestyle. Finding out the advantages of each and how they each … Read more