If you are a frequent traveler, you have most likely heard of the Diners club credit card before. This credit card has maintained an excellent reputation over the years and remains one of the best go-to cards for leisure, travel, and entertainment worldwide.

Diners Club was founded in 1950 and has since grown into a massive network of exclusive privileges for cardmembers. With members from more than 60 different countries, this credit card can be used in more than 185 countries. This means you will be able to use this credit card nearly everywhere the wind takes you. 


If you like traveling, this credit card should be on your radar. This card has numerous benefits and perks that come with it.

HDFC Diners Club

What Becoming a Diners Club Member Means

If you are a member, you will have access to the promotions program, which qualifies you for exclusive perks and benefits. Some of these perks include free breakfast, free room upgrades, private cooking lessons, spa credits, discounts on golf merchandise, and catered meals, among others. To book these amenities, call your assistant on their toll-free number, or log in to the official website.

The Diners Club Carte Blanche Card and US Diners Club Card also provide the same perks to its members. Some of those benefits include the following:

  • Having free lounge access. As a frequent traveler, you know how this saves you money and hassle around the airport. Also, in case of any damage, you will be compensated through a damage waiver coverage.
  • They also assure you that you will never get stranded at any point, and in case you do, you can dial the Diners Club 24/7 toll-free numbers and you will be assisted.
  • You can access your cash at any Cirrus ATMs. In the event of ID theft, reach out to them and they will assist you.
  • Is your luggage lost, delayed, or damaged? Well, there is insurance coverage to cover that. You do not have to worry, as their response is always timely to ensure you do not get stranded.

Diners Club understands that travelers face many challenges, including accidents. Therefore, they set up automatic travel accident insurance in case of an accident. This credit card also comes with purchase assurance and extended warranty coverage.

In addition, if you get stuck on the road, they provide you with roadside service. In case you want to rent a car, use this card as it comes with a car rental discount. You will get insurance coverage for any car damages or collisions. This is an excellent deal for travelers who often rent private cars.

On the other hand, if you are a Carte Blanche Cardmember, you will receive additional benefits including a free international cell phone rental. This comes with no limit. You can use the phone as many times as you want, free of charge, to communicate with your loved ones. After accumulating a certain number of points, you can redeem them for a free private jet courtesy of Bombardier Sky jet. All this is offered to make your international trip as comfortable as it possibly can be.

The Diners Club Famly

Though Diners Club cards are, universally, high-end travel cards that provide cardmembers with access to exclusive benefits all over the world, they do vary slightly by location. Depending on your locality, things like annual fees and the finer details of your benefits may change. For example, the annual fee for the Premier card in the United States is $300, whereas a company card in the UK has a fee of just £32. However, you can rest assured that, no matter what your exact benefits are, they are going to be exceptional.


If you are a traveler, applying for this credit card will be the best choice for you. Visit their official website and find out if you are eligible and learn about other requirements you need to qualify for this card. The last thing you want is to travel without any backup. Get a hold of this card and enjoy all of the luxurious privileges that come along with it. 

Disclaimer: All credit products carry risk. Be aware of these risks by reading the associated terms and conditions.