Learn About the Easiest UK Mastercards to Get Approved For

If you are just a newbie and have never owned a credit before, it can be quite daunting to figure out how to get easy approval. The big question now is, how do you ensure you build credit? How easy can this be? Or perhaps you have bad credit, is it even possible to build a positive credit history again?

Whereas it’s not easy to get a credit card if you don’t have good credit, you can take steps to qualify for one or improve your credit. Having said that, some banks understand that people have to start from somewhere and are also aware that people can veer off the path of good credit.


Some of these banks are willing to give newbies and those that have fallen off the tracks a chance. Grab your favorite drink, get a pen and paper because we’re going to tell you how to find some of the easiest UK Master cards to get approved for.

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OpenSky® Secured Visa® Credit Card

If you have bad credit, this is the best card to get a hold of, as it will help you build your credit quickly. What makes it stand out is the fact that it doesn’t do any credit checks at all and no activation fee as well. There is more; you have the choice of choosing your credit limit.

To apply, you need to be at least 18 years of age, with a valid social security number. Head to their official website to find out how you can apply.


Capital One® VentureOne® Rewards Credit Card

With this card, you don’t need to have an excellent credit score to start enjoying the awesome perks that come with it, such as the transferable rewards. You will earn up to 20,000 miles as a sign-up bonus worth £2,000 after spending £1,000 on purchases within your first three months of account opening.

There is more, you also earn 1.25 miles on every purchase, and that you make, and as that is not enough, there are no annual fees. If you love traveling, this is one contender travel rewards card on the market.

Capital One® Platinum Credit Card

With this Capital One credit card, you will be able to access higher credit once you make your first five payments on time. If it’s your first time applying to a credit card or having poor credit, then this card will work for you just fine. Note that this card does not offer any rewards, however, it will help you build your credit.


Journey® Student Rewards from Capital One®

If you are a student out there, then you must know so far how hard it is to get a credit card, and that is why this particular one should be on your radar. You will receive 1% cashback on all purchases you make, and as long as you make payments on time, your cash-back will automatically increase.

To qualify, you need to be a student, and for more information, head over to their website to find out.

Capital One® Secured Mastercard®

With this card, you don’t need any credit history to apply or even qualify, and as a pro tip, it’s always good to deposit a certain amount before you open your account as this will help increase your credit line. Moreover, this card comes with no annual fee.

Bottom Line

There you have it, folks, if you have been struggling and frustrated that perhaps you will never get a card due to poor credit or even no credit history at all, I have good news for you. These are some of the UK’s cards that will take you on regardless of your credit history. Do your due diligence before you apply.

Disclaimer: All credit products carry risk. Be aware of these risks by reading the associated terms and conditions.