So, what happens when you suddenly discover that your MasterCard isn’t working online? You need to make payments to your service provider through the card and no matter what you do the card isn’t working. What are the possible reasons for this problem?

Today, you can do anything from the comfort of your home. You can apply for jobs, order for services, and even apply for a credit card. All these, share one thing in common and that’s the internet. Shopping online is a big draw these days so you need your Mastcard working online.


Well, there may be a number of reasons why your card is experiencing such problems. You can find out more on why this online problem is happening with your card in this article. Up next you’re going to find info on how you can solve said problem and get back to doing what you need to.

You Entered the Wrong Pin

The first and most simple reason why your card may not be working online is that you have entered the wrong pin. This happens on a number of occasions and it has happened to everyone at least once. If your card isn’t working online, the first thing you should do is check if you have entered the right pin.

You are best served when you have a pin that is easy to remember. You shouldn’t, however, choose something like your birthday as your pin. It’s the first combination that criminals use when they happen to have your card in their possession.


The Merchant is Blacklisted

The next reason that your card may not be working is that the merchant that you’re trying to buy from has been blacklisted by the payment platform. This can happen for a number of reasons that shouldn’t be your concern.

Once this happens, you should move on to a different vendor. The reason for this blacklist may not be for unscrupulous behavior but you don’t want to take any chances with that. To be on the safe side, move on to the next service provider that’s on your list.

If you have faith in the merchant, you can ask for a different payment method other than your Mastercard.

Your Card is Damaged

Your card can be damaged, for various reasons and it can happen without your knowledge. The obvious suspects on your damaged card are the barcodes and chips. This can happen if there was a case of fraud on your card.

When your card is scanned by criminals, your card becomes redundant as the criminal uses your card. It may also be damaged due to magnetism from material around you. 

To be on the safe side, you need to have your cards in a protective wallet. There are special designed wallets that protect your card from scanning and from the effects of magnetism.

Filled in Wrong Information

If you have confirmed that you have entered the right pin and your card hasn’t been scanned, what next. How about checking if you may have filled in the wrong information on the payment information?

Start over again and confirm that all the information you have entered is the right information and it matches the details on the card. Check your name, if it checks out go to your card number and confirm it.

Now, check on your billing address if it has been entered correctly. After that, now check on the CVV as well, the card’s expiry date should also be highlighted on the right box, fill it up. Double-check your information after you have filled them in again.

You can also choose to delete all the information you earlier filled out and start over again.

Aggressive Anti-Fraud Measures

The last reason why your card may not be working online is because of the aggressive anti-fraud measures set in place by the banks. These measures can easily flag genuine payment as acts of frauds.

The measures have been put in place by the bank to help protect you from criminals. This happens when you’re making a transaction that doesn’t look reasonable or is way over your spending habits.

What you can do in this scenario is contact your bank and give them the information they require to confirm it is you and you’ll be good to go.


Having a card that doesn’t work can be a challenge especially when you’re looking to make a payment online fast. These are just some of the few reasons your card may be having a problem and most of them are quick and easy to solve with a call to customer service.