As South Africa’s third-largest bank, Capitec credit cards offer reliable and easy-to-use credit options for people from all walks of life. The Global One Credit Card from Capitec is powered by Mastercard.

The Capitec Global One credit card aims to provide safe and secure transactions without a high price tag or interest rate to its cardholders. It does this by having low fees and a credit system that is easy to use. Cardholders of the Capitec Global One credit card also get a wide range of benefits.


Learn more about the Capitec Global One credit card’s benefits, features, and perks. Discover why the Capitec Global One card is dubbed an all-in-one card.

  • Features of the Capitec Global One Card
  • What Are the Pros of the Capitec Global One Credit Card?
  • Fees and Charges of the Card
  • What Are the Eligibility Requirements?
  • How Do You Activate Capitec Global One Credit Card?
  • Capitec Bank Address and Contact Details

Features of the Capitec Global One Card

The best thing about the Capitec Global One card is that you can use it to get to all of your accounts. This means putting all the important information in one place. Capitec offers Global One as an all-in-one card for its loyal customers.


This lowers the chance of messing up accounts or losing important financial information because you manage multiple accounts. To visualize, the Capitec Global One card host your credit card account, your main savings account, and all your other accounts in one safe place.

Another unique thing about the Capitec Global One card is that it can be used for straight purchases instead of budget ones. Under the “straight purchases” option, you can pay off your entire balance and not pay any interest.

Capitec Global One customers also have a budget option, wherein they only have to pay for a small amount. The budget option gives you more time to repay loans, debts, and purchases.

One big perk of the Capitec Global One card is that it offers cardholders 1% cashback on every purchase they make. Further, you can also earn an additional 0.5% cashback if you meet the Bank Better goals set out by Capitec every month.

What Are the Other Features of the Capitec Global One Card? 

The Capitec Global One card is known for being cardholder-friendly. This card gives you personalized credit based on the information you provide on your application and your current financial situation. Cardholders will be given a credit limit and interest rates that are affordable and suitable for their needs.

The Mastercard-powered Capitec Global One Credit Card makes it possible to make cashless payments anywhere in the world with no fees. There are also no fees for changing money or purchasing items in a foreign country.

Cardholders traveling abroad can also get free basic travel insurance with the Capitec Global One card. The extra insurance coverage already covers up to R5 million in unplanned medical costs. Lastly, if you keep a positive balance at the bank, you can expect to earn 3.50% per year.

What Are the Pros of the Capitec Global One Credit Card?

Balance transfers let people with credit cards combine all their debts into one account. The great thing about this is that you can move the balance from one credit card to another. The Capitec Global One credit card allows you to do this in order to manage your balances and finances better.

Capitec gives people who use its credit cards up to 55 days without interest charges. Thus, Global One cardholders can transfer their outstanding balances and make purchases during this time without being charged extra. You can also move your balance from the straight payment option to the budget payment option, which gives you more time to pay off your balance.

Your transactions on your savings account are linked to your Global One card. Thus, you have one card that lets you access your money in many ways and do business anywhere in the world. Obviously, getting 1% cashback on every purchase is also a manager benefit of the card, as already mentioned.

What Are the Cons of the Capitec Global One Credit Card? 

Using this card to obtain services from the bank branch will subject you to several fees. It may be expensive for people who do not have access to the internet or email. It is essential to verify the fees and other specifics of this card in great depth so that you are aware of any potential expenses that may be incurred.

Fees and Charges of the Card

As mentioned, the Global One card does not have any rewards system you can enjoy when you make a purchase. However, it focuses on the low-interest rates. Check the fees of the Global One credit card.

  • Initiation Fee – R100
  • Monthly Fee – R45
  • Interest Rate (Annual Percentage Rate) – 9.75% to 20.25%, depending on the credit profile

Try to assess if you can maintain the monthly fee of the Global One credit card and the interest rate before signing up for this credit product.

What Is the Credit Limit of the Capitec Global One Credit Card?

The Capitec Global One credit card has a maximum spending limit of R250,000. However, the applicant’s financial condition and creditworthiness will determine the initial credit limit that will be offered to them.

The bank reserves the right to decide whether or not to raise a customer’s credit limit. If you demonstrate a consistent ability to pay your bills on time, Capitec may raise your credit limit without requiring additional requests.

What are the Eligibility Requirements?

If you want to apply for a Capitec Credit Card, you must be at least 18 years old. Applicants must also show their most recent pay slips. The bank also requires a bank statement with a stamp that shows their last three salary deposits.

In addition, you need to make at least R5,000 per month to be eligible to apply for the Capitec Global One credit card. The bank may ask for more information, such as details about your job, proof of your address, and other important documents.

Moreover, married applicants must ensure their IDs show they are married. It will be best to prepare a marriage certificate. More importantly, you must have a good credit rating for a higher chance of approval for the Capitec Global One credit card. You should also not have a bad history of debt.

How Do You Apply for a Capitec Global One Credit Card?

Only by going to a Capitec branch near you can you apply for a Capitec Global One Credit Card. You must bring the documents mentioned earlier, such as your marriage certificate, ID, payslip, bank statement, etc.

Before applying, people who are interested can also use the bank’s online estimater to check their chance of approval for the Global One card. This will help them figure out if they are good candidates for the credit card or not. Go to the Capitec website if you want to learn more.

How Do You Activate the Capitec Global One Credit Card?

Upon getting the approval of your application for the Global One card, the next step is to activate it. Cardholders can activate the Global One credit card by going to the nearest Capitec branch or asking for the credit card ability or the Capitec Mastercard SecureCode.

You will get a page with written instructions that you must follow correctly. Then, you will be able to start using your credit card. Remember to activate the card 24 hours after the bank sends you instructions or a text message.

Once you activate your Global One card, the card is automatically set up for online shopping, and the default limit is R0. To change this limit, you must sign in through your mobile account or online banking.

What Are the Capitec Credit Card Payment Options?

Capitec offers various ways to pay for your Global One credit card balance. One of these convenient ways to pay is using a mobile app or internet banking. The other option is to set up automatic payments so that your money goes straight to your credit card account from other bank accounts.

The smallest amount you can pay is 5% of the total balance. Remember, paying more than the minimum each month will pay off your debts faster.

Capitec Bank Address and Contact Details

There are many ways to get in touch with Capitec. Call the bank’s customer service line at 0860 10 20 43 or +27 21 941 1377 from outside South Africa.

You can also chat with customer service representatives on the website, fill out an online form, or send an email to

You can also go to the bank’s main office at 1 Quantum Street, Techno Park, Stellenbosch, South Africa, if you need to talk to someone immediately. You might have to make an appointment before going to the main office.

Capitec Credit Card App and Online Banking

Capitec has an app for credit cards that can be used on Android and Apple devices. Capitec cardholders can also use online banking through the bank’s website to manage their money.

Both platforms help users get a better handle on their credit card accounts. Under these systems, users can easily change their daily credit card limits for withdrawals and purchases, transfer balances, look at their transaction history, and pay off any outstanding balances.

Users only need to type in their username and password to use these features.


A Capitec Global One Credit Card is ideal for people who desire tailored rates and low transaction costs. This card is ideal for loyal customers due to its access to all Capitec accounts, banking convenience, and dependability.

Note: There are risks when applying for and using a credit card. Please see the Capitec bank’s Terms and Conditions page for more information.