One of the reason folks love luxury travel cards is because of all the perks they can get their hands on. Credit cards are by far the most preferred financial tool in the market as they are easy to use. They also provide more of a sense of security among users instead of carrying cash. 

In terms of perks, travel perks are some of the most common perks that credit cards offer. In most cards, you can earn points that can easily be redeemed for miles. Others, on the other hand, have straight forward miles that you can use on your travels.

When it comes to luxury travel cards, you earn exclusive luxury perks. And there are a number of cards that are known for giving holders of the card luxury travel perks. For example, Chase Sapphire Reserve is one such card that offers those luxury perks. Here are some of the most common perks that are shared by these cards.


Travel Insurance

One part that is quite clear about luxury travel cards is that they offer you travel insurance. There’s a punch to all that, however, as you have to pay for your travel entirely using this card to enjoy the insurance. For most of the cards, the user gets to enjoy up to $1,000,000 in coverage for their travels.

Some of the covers that you need to look out for when you have one of the cards is the medical cover. You also get accident cover, which means that in case of an accident you’ll be transported for specialized treatment if there’s a need for it.

Intro Bonus

Another aspect that the luxury cards seem to share is the high intro bonus. For example, American Express Gold Card offers you 35,000 points in signing up bonus. You, of course, need to have spent on the card to earn the rewards.

The points start you off better than a card user who isn’t the same category. The points are easily converted into that can be used for airfare and other merchandise purchases. Earning for the points is also much better than when you use other cards.

Airport Lounge Access

Now, this is why most people look at Luxury Travel Credit Cards.  Access to airport lounges doesn’t only give you a chance to up your social standing, you also get to make great connections. You never know who you’re going to bump into in these exclusive luxury lounges. 

Restaurant and Hotel Perks

On your travels, you have constants that you need to take care of and they are food and a place to stay. This may be a vacation so you want to be looking at comfortable places to lay your head down at night. With luxury travel cards, that is taken care of.

For example, you can change your room for a better one if you use the card to pay at specific hotels. You also get breakfast for free in some hotels that you’ll stay in when you use the card to pay. When you spend on restaurants on your travels, you earn rewards.

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Annual Airline Credit

One other thing that these cards share is the annual airline credit. As part of your traveling experience, you’ll need to pay for your air ticket. With the cards, as opposed to the other line of credit that you get, you also get a line of credit for your airfare when you want to travel.

This amount, which may be anything from $200 and more, can only be utilized for airfare. It can also be used to purchase merchandise in the plane and in the airport. In most cases, there’s a specific airline (partnering with the card) that you can use the credit on.


Luxury Travel Credit Cards come with the most exclusive rewards that you can get out there. They are luxury because they provide comfort like nothing you can get with standard cards. So if you want service a little above the rest, you’ll want a luxury travel card in your pocket.