5 Tricks to Eliminate Credit Card Debt: It Is Easier Than You Think

We are often made to believe that it is extremely difficult to eliminate credit card debt. This is especially true when that debt has piled up for a long time, ballooning into a staggering sum.

Well, the truth is that it is not all that difficult to eliminate credit card debt. As long as the concerted effort is put in, credit card debt elimination can prove to be a relatively easy proposition.


This article will outline 5 great tricks for eliminating credit card debt so that you can approach that process on your own.

eliminate credit card debt

Stop Further Credit Card Spending

This should be a common-sense, no-brainer, yet you will be surprised at the sheer number of folks who continue using the credit cards on which they have massive debts, as long as there is some credit limit available for them to use.


This is a classic instance of “how to perennially remain in a debt trap”.

After all, if you are already crumbling under gargantuan credit card debt and still continue to use your credit card, squeezing every bit of your credit limit, you are clearly making a big mistake.

The right way forward would be to completely STOP using those credit card(s) on which you are already reeling under the pressure of debt.


Only after that would you be able to get onto the next step of planning how to pay off the massive debt. More on that in the other tricks and strategies discussed below.

Lifestyle Modifications

Now, this may be harsh, but if you are to really bring about some solid changes in your current, sorry state of credit affairs, you will have to be prepared to take some rather drastic steps.

Start by evaluating all those things that you really can do without – those which are placing a drain on your finances. Remember, every bit counts here.

So, for instance, if you hardly get to watch cable – or can somehow do without it, consider cutting off your cable connection.

Then, what about the following?

  • That gym membership you pay for each month but hardly ever make it to the gym? Why not make some workout moves at home, at no extra cost?
  • What about that Netflix connection at home, which you don’t get any time to watch? Why not get rid of it?
  • How about walking down to the market for nearby errands, instead of taking out the vehicle each time?

As we mentioned, these may seem like small initiatives, but ultimately, they all add up towards the end objective to eliminate credit card debt.

Income Generation

Yes, every penny you are able to squeeze in savings as described above could be used towards the end goal of credit card debt elimination, but in spite of all that effort, you are quite likely to fall short if the debt amount is huge.

Under such circumstances, the most obvious solution is to enhance your income. There are a number of initiatives you could take on this front.

Let’s say you are stuck in a low paying job currently. If that is the case, make every effort to move onto a job with much better pay. Further, you must try to utilize the additional time that you have at hand, to generate additional income, which you can channel towards the end goal (i.e. to eliminate credit card debt).

As an example, if you are free during the weekends, why not consider driving for Uber or Lyft?

Or, why not consider online freelance work, of which there are so many different avenues today? In case you are not familiar, you could look up jobs on Upwork online, which has a wealth of freelance opportunities available on its platform.

You could even consider work that is completely in line with what you do in your regular day job. As long as there is no conflict of interest, in all likelihood, there will be no problem in your taking on this approach.

Ultimately, no matter what you do, the end objective, which is to eliminate credit card debt, should be your absolute focal point.

Eliminate Credit Card Debt
Work diligently towards your end objective to ‘Eliminate Credit Card Debt’, and you will find the end result to be really so relieving! Image Source – https://www.moneycrashers.com/pay-off-credit-card-debt-fast-plan/.

Eliminate Credit Card Debt by Evaluating Other, Cheaper Debt Options

Sometimes – especially if the debt amount is simply too high – it could make sense to avail of some other debt, which you could then use to pay off credit card debt.

For instance, there are personal loans that are not as expensive as credit card debt. There are other loans, as well, which are quite likely to at least be cheaper than credit card debt. Consider all such options.

On a personal level, you could possibly even borrow from friends or family. Repayment terms for that would, of course, be a lot better than the cutthroat rates you are currently paying to your credit card company.

In this regard, there is a balance transfer option available to folks stuck in expensive debt situations like this, which you can easily consider availing. Herein, the entire expensive debt amount can be transferred onto a separate debt instrument – such as a balance transfer card or a personal loan, which is much cheaper as compared to an ongoing, high-interest credit card option.

Speaking to Your Credit Card Company

Once you have tried out all the options mentioned above, if you are still finding the going towards credit card debt elimination to be difficult, consider speaking to your credit card company.

Be frank and forthright. Let them know about the harrowing time you are having trying to eliminate credit card debt that you have racked up.

In instances where interest charges and various other fees form a major chunk of the outstanding amount, credit card companies are often considerate enough to at least wave off a reasonable portion of those charges and fees. That alone should give you a lot of relief towards your quest to eliminate credit card debt.


It is really not that hard to eliminate credit card debt. The 5 “tricks” we have highlighted above should really be adequate for you to be successful in this unique mission to eliminate credit card debt in your life, for the foreseeable future.