How to Protect Yourself From Credit Card Fraud

Everything today is digitalized, which leaves you exposed to fraudsters who can quickly get your information from just about anywhere. This is especially concerning since so much of our most private information is now online. 

As such, your credit card is one of the most vulnerable things that you have. Its information can be stolen in a variety of ways. Stolen credit card information could leave you paying debts that you didn’t even use. 


With that in mind, you should keep your credit card safe by all measures. Here are some ways you can protect yourself from credit card fraud. Continue reading to learn more about how to secure your credit card. 

credit card fraud

Shred Everything Displaying Your Credit Card Number

The first rule is to never leave anything with your whole credit card number on it. Throwing credit card-related documents in the trash bin without shredding them may expose you to credit card fraud.


That doesn’t only apply to credit card statements, you have even to shred old credit cards as well. In fact, you should shred all sensitive documents before you throw them away. 

Avoid Giving Out Your Card Information

How often do you give out your credit card information? For some people, they tend to give out their credit card information with every purchase. At times, it is prudent to only give out your information on calls you initiate. 

When you want to speak to your issuer’s customer service, you should only use the number on the back of your card. 


Use Your Card Carefully Online

Today, almost all the purchases we make are made online, and that’s a good thing. But criminals have also advanced their way of thinking as well. They have noted how much people leave their credit card information online. 

Criminals have gone ahead and created ways to steal such info. As such, only enter your information on secure websites that you can be sure won’t use your info for other purposes. 

Never Sign Blank Credit Card Receipts

Many people do not check the receipt when they are signing. They think of the whole process as a mere formality, which it isn’t. If there are some blanks in your receipts, make sure you draw a line through them before signing. Also, you can add $0 in the blanks, as well. 

This will ensure the cashier won’t fill them in later and send the bill to your issuer. In this case, your card can be used to pay for what you didn’t get. 

Keep Your Card Safe

Your credit card should be placed in a safe location at all times if you keep them in your purse or your pockets. When at home, don’t place them in a place that’s easy for visitors to reach. 

At times, only carry the cards that you’re going to use for your purchases during your outing and leave the others at home. Also, remember to carry small bags for your cards as they’re hard to snatch or get into. 

Report All Stolen Or Lost Cards Immediately

The moment you realize you don’t have your card on you is the time to take action and report it. You want to report your stolen card before any fraudulent charges show up on your account. This way, you won’t have the deal with the sometimes lengthy process of fighting fraudulent charges.fraud


Keeping your card safe from fraudsters can save you from the grueling processes in the event that your card is used to perpetuate a crime. These were just some of the few ways you can keep your credit card safe.