Santander Everyday Credit Card: Great for Balance Transfers

The Santander Everyday Credit Card is an excellent addition to anyone’s wallet because of the generous sign-up bonus of zero-interest for balance transfers. This card also has an effective reward system that helps cardholders save money on merchant discounts.

If you are planning to make a huge purchase, this credit card is great to use. With up to 3 months of 0% APR on purchases, you do not have to stress about needing cash. A standard and lower APR is charged after the promotional period.


Are you interested in applying for this credit card? Keep reading to find out how you can get your hands on the Santander Everyday Credit Card.

Santander Everyday Credit Card

Santander Everyday Credit Card Overview

As the name suggests, the Santander Everyday Credit Card is perfect for daily expenses like groceries, fuel, dining, and shopping. It is made for individuals who need a card to pay for daily transactions. Those who want to use this card for large purchases can also take advantage of the zero-interest APR on purchases for up to three months.


This credit card also provides a breather for people who need to pay a debt from another card. Balance transfers are free for up to 18 months, making it incredibly easy to settle balances. In addition, the Santander Everyday Credit Card also has a long interest-free period of 56 days. Further, this card also has no annual fee.

Another highlight of this credit card is the 25% cashback on certain offers within 60 days of account opening. Enjoy a minimum of a 15% discount for every transaction with Subway, Costa Coffee, Morrisons, JD, and Vue. Simply choose to switch the feature on and start earning!

The only weakness of the Santander Everyday Credit Card is the shorter introductory rate for the APR on purchases. Other banks offer a longer introductory period of up to 24 months, but this card only provides 18 months.


Why Transfer Your Balance?

As noted above, this card offers great deals for your balance transfers. If you are carrying a high balance on a card you are undoubtedly paying large amounts of interest. Switching your balance to the Everyday credit card could help you save big time!

But you don’t have to believe us! Check out the savings for yourself with the handy balance transfer calculator offered on the Santander website. This tool lets you see exactly how much you will save over the 18-month introductory period by transferring your balance to the Everyday card.

Eligibility for the Santander Everyday Credit Card

To ensure that you will get the Santander Everyday Credit Card, you need to satisfy the bank’s requirements with your financial record and capacity to pay. Basic requirements are needed in order to show that you are worthy of having the credit card.

To qualify as a cardholder, interested applicants must be 18 and over, a UK resident, employed, and earning a minimum of £7,500 annually. In addition, you must have a good credit rating to get a high credit limit for the card.

How to Apply

Santander website. The bank will also ask about your residency, as well as, your annual income and contact details.

Another way to apply is by visiting a Santander branch near you. It is recommended for applicants to book an appointment first before coming to any branch. Walk-in applications are also accepted, but waiting time can be longer if you do not have an appointment.

For concerns regarding credit cards, you can reach the bank through 0800 218 2345. If you would like to make a complaint, dial 0800 171 2171.


clear off debt without additional charges. For more information, visit the Santander website today.

Disclaimer: All credit products carry risk. Be aware of these risks by reading the associated terms and conditions.