Bank of the West Credit Cards: Everything to Know

Credit cards provide users with flexible payment methods and other features that help you maximize rewards while protecting your daily transactions. Bank of the West credit cards can do all of these things. Having one in your arsenal is worth considering.

Apart from providing reliable payment options, a Bank of the West credit card also provides many other advantages. For one, their credit cards can help rebuild credit. Moreover, their credit card products also carry competitive rates and unlimited cash rewards.


If you are interested in applying for a credit card, look into the Bank of the West today. To know more about what they have to offer, read on. You might just find one that suits your needs.

Bank of the West credit cards

Features & Benefits of Bank of the West Credit Cards

Bank of the West offers a wide range of credit cards designed for all types of individuals. One of the main features that the bank highlights are its affordable and competitive rates that are perfect for those who have existing balances with other financial institutions. In particular, the Platinum Credit Card does not charge interest on purchases for the first 6 months.


On the other hand, the Cash Back World Credit Card offers generous cash rewards for cardholders. Under this, users can get 3% cashback on dining, gas, and supermarket purchases. Even better, it provides unlimited 1% cashback on all other purchases.

Apart from these features, the Bank of the West also provides users with the chance to establish or rebuild their credit ratings. With the Secured Credit Card, customers now have access to improved credit ratings after a certain period of time. Since this credit card does not require a set length of credit history or credit score, you can easily qualify for this.

The best of all? Most of these credit cards can be opened for free, with the exception of the Secured Credit Card (valued at $25 annually). This means that users can enjoy these benefits without shelling out more than they can afford.


Bank of the West Credit Card Cons

These credit cards also have some setbacks, which you might not be willing to experience. While these certainly offer great rates and affordable fees, the downside is that these cards are only limited to individuals living within 19 states in the country. For those outside these 19 states, the bank will not be able to provide their services.

Bank of the West Credit Card Offers

For those availing a Bank of the West credit card (Platinum and Cash Back), users will gain 0% APR for the first 6 months. This offer is valid only for purchases. After the initial offering rate, the interest will revert to a variable APR of 17.99% to 24.99%.

The three current offerings by the bank include the Cash Back World Credit Card, the Platinum Credit Card, and the Secured Credit Card.

Bank of the West Credit Card & Balance Transfer

The Platinum Credit Card is designed to address individuals who have debts with other banking institutions. Through this credit card, cardholders can easily transfer their existing balances and consolidate their debt. Balance transfers will be charged a variable APR of 16.99% to 24.99% depending on the user’s creditworthiness.

Bank of the West Credit Card Eligibility

Applicants will only be considered if they come from the 19 states the Bank of the West currently serves. In addition, applicants must also be of legal age. You also have to disclose your Social Security number, your personal information, and your employment and financial information.

Bank of the West Credit Card Application

Individuals may apply online through the website. Simply go to the Bank of the West website, pick the card you’re interested in applying for, and click the ‘Apply Now’ button. Here, you need to provide your personal information, proof of address, proof of income, and other financial details. Those who apply may receive a decision in as little as 60 seconds. You may also apply by calling the bank’s hotline.

For the Secured Credit Card, applicants may only apply via a Bank of the West branch near them. To apply, individuals are asked to bring relevant documents. The whole application will only take around 10 minutes.

Bank of the West Credit Card Activation

To activate a credit card, users may log in through their phone or their desktop. To activate, key in the username and password. However, those who are new should sign up for online account access prior to activating their account.

Bank of the West Credit Card Limit

The credit card limit is determined based on your creditworthiness and your financial capacity. The Bank of the West may either increase or decrease your credit limit as they see fit. However, you may request a credit card limit increase, provided you pay your dues on time.

Bank of the West Credit Card APR & Charges

  • Annual Fee – $0, except for the Secured Credit Card valued at $25
  • APR – 17.99% to 24.99% for the Cash Back World Credit Card, 16.99% to 24.99% for the Platinum Credit Card, and 22.99% to 26.99% for the Secured Credit Card
  • Balance Transfer Fee – $10 or 4% of the amount borrowed
  • Cash Advance Fee – $10 or 4% of the amount advanced
  • Foreign Transaction Fee – 3% of the amount used
  • Late Payment Charge – Up to $38

Bank of the West Credit Card App & Online Banking

The Bank of the West credit card app may be downloaded on Google Play by Android users and on the App Store by Apple users. Cardholders may also manage their accounts through online banking channels. Through these facilities, users may make payments toward their credit card bills, monitor transactions, and the likes.

Already a Bank of the West Customer?

Below is some additional information on how you can better manage your credit card.

Bank of the West Address & Contact Details

Individuals may reach the Bank of the West at 1-800-488-2265 or 1-800-659-5495 from Mondays to Fridays, from 4 am to 10 pm or Saturdays and Sundays from 5 am to 10 pm. For other queries and concerns, you may also make an appointment with the bank at a branch near you. The bank’s head office is located at 180 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94104.

Bank of the West Credit Card Payment Options

Credit card payments may be coursed via online banking. To do this, simply key in your username and password. Then, under ‘Banking Overview,’ select the ‘Pay Now’ button. Besides online payments, you may also pay personally at a branch near you. The minimum payment amount for your credit card depends on the amount you have borrowed. Bear in mind that the minimum interest charge will be no less than $1.

How to Cancel a Bank of the West Credit Card

To close your Bank of the West credit card, simply call the bank hotline. Agents may require you to disclose the reason why you intend to close your account. To successfully do this, agents will also require you to pay your account balance in full. Your account will only be canceled if you have paid all the outstanding amount in your account.


Bank of the West credit cards are perfect for individuals who want more affordable rates. These are also great for people who are looking to transfer their balances from other banks or those who want to boost their credit rating.

For more information, check out the Bank of the West website today. Otherwise, you may also feel free to contact customer service agents or visit a branch near you to jumpstart your application.

Need something different?

Are you interested in Bank of the West Credit Cards, but don’t live in one of their 19 service states? Don’t worry! There are many credit cards out there. In fact, the U.S. hosts a generous variety of credit card options. Browse the offerings and find one that works best for you.

Disclaimer: All credit products carry risk. Be aware of these risks by reading the associated terms and conditions.