American Express U.K. issues more than a dozen separate credit and charging cards, including hotel and airline cards cobranded. This is an impressive array to choose from. 

Still, only eight publicly available Amex cards — six personal and two business — provide full access to the company’s Membership Rewards program.

If you want to create your AMEX online account, manage spendings, and more, read this article and get started!

How to Manage an AMEX Account Online
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How to Make an Online Account

If you already have an account, you will need the date of birth of the basic cardmember and your personal information when you set up your online account. Your registration will only allow you to access your card details.

You can update your personal information online, which includes your billing address, email address, telephone numbers, and your personal password. You can log in to your Online Services. Select “Account management” from the navigation bar, and then click “Contact details”.

Also, you can set up an online account if you don’t already have one. You can also download the Amex Mobile App to manage your card account. Set up your user ID and password for secure access. 

You can register for online services, and you can also set this up in the Amex App once you have downloaded it.

Ready to Make a Payment?

Payments can be made digitally. Here are some steps you need to complete to make a payment through direct debit. You can log in with your existing online account details.

Go to “Payments” in the navigation and select “Direct Debit”. Complete your bank account details. Confirm your direct debit payment options. Then, review your details and confirm.

Manage Your Expenses: Personal or Business


Keeping track of paper receipts is very quickly becoming messy and unreliable. 

Paying expenses on a business card means that you can check a record instantaneously and automatically. It will save you time otherwise incurred with paper expenses. 

You will also start collecting points that you can reinvest in your company (or use them for your personal life) if you use a credit card with a rewards plan when you pay for expenses.

If you leave your costs unchecked for a long time, you might spend your precious time trawling through expense reports. 

Company Expenses

Keeping track of every expense in your business or personal money can drain your time quickly. 

This is time you could spend better on driving your business forward and finding new growth opportunities. 

Accurate and efficient management of expenses will save you time and keep your business money in check. 

You can handle your company’s expense payments from one central location with an American Express® Corporate Card and select how you are paid while maintaining full visibility and control over your employees’ expenses. 

Closing a Card Using Your Online Account 

How to Manage an AMEX Account Online

Visit Account Management, click on “Order a replacement card for damaged, lost, or stolen cards”, and follow the instructions provided. 

You may also try contacting the bank by calling them immediately on the appropriate 24-hour phone line, as listed below.

  • In the UK: 0800 917 8047 
  • Abroad: +44 (0)1273 576 445

American Express (AMEX) Europe Limited’s registered office is located at Belgrave House, 76 Buckingham Palace Road, London, SW1W 9AX, U.K.


Where American Express Services Europe Limited cards are issued in the United Kingdom but are obtained within the European Economic Area, local rules may apply to the way it conducts its business. 

This may be enforced by the applicable regulatory authority of that country. If you are ready to get started with online banking, check out your AMEX online account.