Credit cards for immediate acceptance are simple and convenient to enforce. Where the primary qualification is a perfect credit score, the qualifications to achieve one are easy to reach. Credit cards with instant approval are identical to other credit cards; the only difference is the time it takes for one to get accepted. 

The usual application and acceptance of credit cards take anywhere between one and four weeks. On the other side, instant credit cards take as little as one day to get accepted. You need to have an excellent credit score for the process to be this easy, though. 


If you meet all the acceptance requirements, you will receive immediate acceptance notification, and if you do not, you will also receive a rejection notice and a clarification as to why your application has been rejected. Here’s how we weigh the pros and cons of instant credit decision. Check these out here.

Learn the Pros and Cons of an Instant Credit Decision
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Overview: Easy and Quick Approval

Instant cash loan providers typically have online application processes that are fast and simple. Therefore, it could take a matter of minutes to complete your application! You can apply all the documents online by filling in your application form. 

If you have applied within business hours for an instant loan, lenders will process your application on the same day you have applied. Instant loans can be super helpful if you’ve ever found yourself in a position where you need emergency funds, and there’s no time to spare. 


A lender will send you a fast decision based on your application status once you’ve sent in all the appropriate paperwork. 

Many lenders providing instant loans would need fewer details than would be required by a conventional lender. These types of lenders usually specialize in loans, so their process from request to acceptance is much more streamlined.

Pro: Get the Approval at the Comfort of Your Home

The majority of reputable companies issuing credit cards will be online. All you have to do, then, is sign up and apply for the pass, so there is convenience. 

Furthermore, you get cards that deliver 0% introductory APR, zero annual charges, and so many other deals. Unlike other credit cards, issuers of instant approval cards give their customers an immediate response as to whether or not the cards have been accepted. 

For the next few days, you don’t have to wait for the mail. Furthermore, you get an explanation as to why this occurred if your request has been rejected. Alternative cards to be accepted would also be suggested by certain credit card issuers.

Pro: If You Need The Money Quickly, You Can Use It Now

When submitting your credit card at a later date or time, some credit card issuers will give a temporary credit card number after completing an online application form, and you receive an instant status. 

This will notify you that your request has been accepted. You will be able to make online transactions instantly with your temporary credit card number. 

Con: Possible Delays

While most credit card companies claim to provide immediate notice of your card’s approval, in most situations, you will find a company notifying you that approval will be delayed. 

The justification given for these delays may be that they need a little more time to analyze your request further. These delays can resolve the objective of offering immediate approval.

Con: Possible Higher Interest Rates for Loans

This financial service’s only drawback is its high interest rate. You have to repay somewhere around $115 to $130 for every $100 you borrow, i.e., an extra $15 to $30. 

A late fee is applied to it if you do not pay on the first pay date. Yet there are ways to get around the downsides. Firstly, pay on time at all times. Secondly, aim to take a quick, secured loan and not an instant cash loan that is unsecured. 

In the former scenario, the interest rate is less than the latter. Check the additional payments that you make, such as transaction fees and other costs, as well. 

Until you settle for your instant money loan, compare the rates. Never take a loan on flimsy grounds. Shopping criteria are never a good excuse, but house renovation is a good enough justification for a quick cash loan to be used.

Learn the Pros and Cons of an Instant Credit Decision
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It is definitely easy to have your instant payday loan approved online, and when you need money quickly, it’s a perfect way to do it. 

The borrower just needs to read the loan terms and conditions and be mindful of the costs as well. Don’t let ease be a justification to buy into additional financial issues!