How Many Credit Cards to Have? 4 Aspects to Consider

How many credit cards should I have?” is a question that is invariably on the minds of a lot of current and prospective credit card owners. Is there really a magic number?

As with a lot of things in life, you will find that taking the middle path is the ideal, preferred option in this instance, too. Having just one solo credit card may not be a wise choice, especially when you are eligible to have more than one, while having way too many credit cards is definitely not desirable, either.


In this post, we delve into a number of different aspects that one should consider when looking at the number of credit cards to own.

How Many Credit Cards to Have?

1. Multiple Benefits with Different Credit Cards

Different credit cards come with varying benefits. As your eligibility improves, perhaps in line with your enhanced income levels and superior creditworthiness, you could partake in a reasonable number of credit cards, with each one offering its own set of benefits.


For instance, there could be a credit card that offers additional air miles when you fly with your favorite airline. Similarly, there could be another credit card that comes with discounts and other freebies when you shop at your favorite department store.

With varying benefits that come with different credit cards; an ideal mix of the total number of credit cards will depend on the types of purchases you spend your money on.

2. Managing Various Credit Card Payments

Multiple credit cards have their own unique billing cycles and payment due dates. To manage all that on your own is quite a challenge. Yes, there is the option to set up an AutoPay feature and let the due amount be debited directly from your bank account, but many credit card owners do not prefer this option.


After all, many are not in a position to pay up entirely or adequately in the first place! Therefore, being able to manage payments and billing cycles is an essential aspect to consider when evaluating how many credit cards to have.

Remember that if you do not pay your credit card bills on time, at least the minimum payment amount, your credit score and overall creditworthiness could be jeopardized. Therefore, when we talk about how many credit cards you can manage, it is also about being agile enough to ensure things don’t end up affecting your credit reputation.

How Many Credit Cards to Have?
Just how many credit cards are too many? While there is no magic number that suits one and all, suffice it to say that too many credit cards is never a good idea!

3. The Temptation For Overuse and Growing Debt

With too many credit cards, there is a major risk of being tempted to overuse them and then fall into a potentially dangerous debt trap. After all, the combined credit limit of all available credit cards at hand would be substantial.

Using them in tandem would mean you have an easy ability to make high-value purchases without any qualms. Unfortunately, this is also one of the easiest ways to fall into a perennial debt trap.

Therefore, whenever you consider opting for too many credit cards, ask yourself, are you disciplined enough? Will you be tempted into using them all beyond your ability to repay?

4. Easy Acceptance and Usage

Not every credit card is accepted everywhere. If you look at cards such as Diners Club, for example, they are not easily accepted at a number of different places. Likewise, there are some places that do not accept American Express credit cards. Depending on your location, there could be similar instances of other credit cards not being accepted.

If you have just one such card that is not easily accepted at all places, you risk finding yourself in a position where you cannot use your credit card at all.

Having a backup credit card means that in case you have one that is not universally accepted, you still have a source of funds.


There is really no magic number of credit cards that is ideal for one and all. At the same time, given all the experience that we have had and indeed all the observations that we have made, two to three credit cards in most instances are more than adequate. Beyond that is really stretching things too far.

When you are first starting out using credit, it is strongly recommended to start out with just ONE credit card, learn the ropes of disciplined credit card usage, and only then consider getting additional credit cards.

Disclaimer: All credit products carry risk. Be aware of these risks by reading the associated terms and conditions.