Job Vacancies at Subway – Learn How to Apply

This article will guide you through the process of applying for jobs at Subway, from finding vacancies to submitting your application.

Discover how you can become part of this successful franchise and take a step forward in your career.

What Sets Subway Apart from the Competition?

Subway stands out from the competition with its focus on healthier and customizable fast food options.

With its slogan “Eat Fresh,” it offers a variety of fresh ingredients and vegetable choices to customize your subs.


Furthermore, Subway has pioneered offering healthier bread options to cater to customers’ dietary preferences.

Their “build in front of the customer” business model increases transparency and trust in the quality of the food.

Job Vacancies at Subway

Here is a list of some common jobs at Subway, along with their responsibilities and typical requirements:


 Sandwich Artist:

  • Responsibilities: Prepare sandwiches and salads according to standards, keep the work area clean and tidy, and serve customers in a friendly and efficient manner.
  • Requirements: Good customer service attitude, at least 16 years old, ability to follow instructions and procedures accurately.


  • Responsibilities: Oversee daily restaurant operations, ensure quality and service standards are met, handle inventory and finances, hire and train staff.
  • Requirements: Previous supervision or management experience in the food industry, leadership skills, excellent communication and organizational abilities.

Delivery Driver:

  • Responsibilities: Deliver orders to customers safely and promptly, maintain accurate records of deliveries and payments, and keep the delivery vehicle clean and in good condition.
  • Requirements: Valid driver’s license, ability to follow delivery instructions, capacity to drive safely and efficiently.

Where Are Subway Opportunities Abundant?

Job opportunities at Subway are more abundant in urban and suburban areas with high population density and pedestrian traffic. 

The most common locations include shopping malls, gas stations, office areas, and university campuses. 

Additionally, tourist areas and commercial districts often have multiple locations due to the constant influx of visitors. 

Searching for opportunities in these areas where the demand and presence of Subway are strongest is an effective path.

What Benefits Do Jobs at Subway Offer?

There are various benefits, including competitive wages, opportunities for advancement, bonuses for meeting targets, and discounts

In addition, they provide benefits such as retirement savings plans, health insurance, and employee wellness programs. 

We recommend checking directly or reviewing their employee benefits policies for detailed information.

What Training Does Subway Offer?

The chain is committed to providing the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their roles.

It offers comprehensive training, including customer service, food safety, store operations, and management training.

There are also a variety of training courses available through Subway University, their online learning platform.

These courses include:

  • Sandwich Artistry training to learn how to prepare the famous subs.
  • Food safety courses to ensure safe practices in food handling.
  • Short instructional videos on the Point of Sale (POS) system.
  • Information on allergens to provide safe service to customers with food allergies.
  • Training in the use of cleaning and sanitation products.
  • Courses on the mobile ordering and payment system.
  • How to keep stores appealing and clean.
  • Bread preparation, from freezer to proofer, to ensure freshness and quality.

How to Apply to Subway?

To apply, you first need to create an account on their website. Then, you can explore the available careers and select the one that interests you. 

Complete the application form, which will include personal and employment information such as your name, address, work history, and education. 

You can also attach your resume, cover letter, or other pertinent documents. 

You may be asked to complete a questionnaire to assess your suitability for the position. 

What Happens After Applying?

After submitting your application, Subway will review your submission and reach out to you if you are selected to proceed in the selection process.

If you are selected, you may be asked to participate in an interview, either in person or over the phone.

The interview process may vary depending on the position and location, but generally follows these steps:

  1. Initial Interview: This interview may be conducted over the phone or in person and is usually with a hiring manager. During this stage, your work experience, skills, and motivation will be discussed.
  2. In-Person Interview: If you pass the initial interview, you may be invited for an in-person interview with the store manager or a supervisor. During this stage, you are likely to be asked questions about specific work situations and how you would handle certain scenarios on the job.
  3. Skill Assessment: Depending on the role, you may be required to complete a practical skills assessment, such as preparing a sandwich according to standards.

Following the interview, you will be provided with information about next steps, such as training and start date.

If you are not selected, continue to explore other opportunities and consider applying in the future.

How to Stay Informed about New Job Vacancies and Career Opportunities at Subway

Regularly visit their official website and subscribe to their newsletter via email, if available. 

Additionally, follow Subway on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where they often post job announcements. 

You can also sign up on online job search platforms, where vacancies are frequently posted. 

Stay tuned for local hiring events and job fairs where the chain may be present. 


Jobs at Subway can be an opportunity to pursue a career in the food industry.

With a variety of roles available and the potential for professional growth, it is ideal for those inclined toward customer service.

Following the proper steps, such as completing a strong application and engaging in the interview with enthusiasm and professionalism, is crucial.