The first things you can get in life are an apartment, a car loan, or a mortgage, and you can get these things through your credit score. But, it is maddeningly elusive to get a score when you start. Many borrowers are hesitant to lend unless you have knowledge of lending. 

For credit novices with a free product called Experian Boost. Boost allows customers to opt to include payments from their cell phones and services in their credit score estimates using Experian data.

To help you know more about Experian Boost, read this blog, and figure out how it works! 

How Does Experian Boost Really Work?
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What Is Experian Boost?

The goal is to help customers with less credit experience through the inclusion of indicators of financially responsible behavior that credit reporting agencies do not traditionally see. 

Boost may also support those who restore their credit after financial reversals. Experian estimates could affect customer score of up to 100 million. 

The most critical factor in your credit score is the history of payments on time, accounting for 35% of your total score, and the usage of credit that constitutes 30% of your score. 

Boost enables consumers by linking their bank account to add additional on-time payments to their credit report.It’s not complicated to use Experian Boost to boost your credit. 

Link Your Bank Account

You first need to connect your checking account to pay your utility bills and cell phone bills. Upon linking to a bank account, users can pick from their Experian credit report which payment histories from telecommunications and utility providers to include. 

The process does not examine the negative history of payment. You will instantly see the effects of your loan boost. 

A further on-time history of payment can help to increase Experian’s credit score. Currently, the most commonly used credit score model for borrowers is FICO 8.

How Does Experian Boost Work?

Consumers wishing to use Boost will allow the app to search their bank account transactions to identify payments for services and mobile phones. Payments information is reflected in the Experian Credit Report and used when the credit ratings of those data are measured. 

Boost will only count positive payment history, Experian said, and your score will not be damaged by missed service or cell phone payment. That is different from how credit scores usually work, where your credit report records missed payments, and your score can be lowered.

For a boost to be used, consumers must sign up on Experian’s website for a free membership and allow them to connect their accounts online. Boost then identifies payments for cellular and utility services. 

Is Experian Boost Helpful? 

When the credit is checked, the credit score can be taken or the credit report shown from any or both of Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion’s three main credit offices. 

There are various versions, like FICO 8 and VantageScore 3. There are different credit score versions. The results of Boost will be seen only if the borrowers interpreted or used Experian data to draw the FICO 8, FICO 9, VantageScore 3, or VantageScore 4 credit ratings. 

One potential use of Boost is that, given that it’s not known to all lenders, they may see payments on your credit report and cellular phones to consider them to be part of the debt load that could affect your credit or credit card qualification. 

Is This For You? 

How Does Experian Boost Really Work?

For someone who has been making on-time cellular and service payments for a period of time but never (or only recently) opened a credit card or bank account, Experian Boost is the right option. 

But for everyone, the Experian Boost doesn’t work. The free service is ideal for people who use their bank account to pay their Telecom bills and utilities. You can try other ways of improving your credit score if Experian Boost doesn’t work for you.


Experian Boost is a service with a positive purpose. Boost just the good payment records, and it is safe, so search at least to see if you’re going to be eligible for a boost. 

Experian Boost can be a perfect way to boost your overall credit score if you’re someone with a poor credit history and pay your phone or bank account for the service.