How Many Credit Cards Are Too Many?

Credit cards always come in handy, especially if you don’t have cash in your wallet. Aside from convenience, credit cards also offer a variety of benefits. These benefits can include payment protection, cashback rewards, and other advantageous offers. 

When it comes to credit cards, you can have as many as your credit score can allow. But the question is, how many credit cards are too many In theory, you can have as many credit cards as you can afford, but how many should you ideally have?


If you are struggling with how many credit accounts you should open, then this article may be able to help you! We are going to discuss how many cards is too many.

Signs You Have Too Many Credit Cards

If you have a hard time managing your credit cards, this likely means you have too many credit cards. If you are unable to track your payments, fees, charges, these are warning signs that you have more cards than you need. However, this is relative; there are people who have no problem managing more than five cards while for others this too much.


If you are just starting out with credit cards, having one is more than enough. You need to learn how to manage your card first, and this will not be possible if you have many credit cards. As you gain experience, you can then consider applying for more.

Is It A Good Idea To Get Another Credit Card?

Well, there is no right or wrong answer to this question; it all comes down to your credit score plus your financial status. However, before you think of adding another credit card, first consider the following questions.

  • Will the new card add any benefits to you at all?
  • Will you be able to pay for an additional credit card?

Your answers to these questions will determine your next move: whether you get another credit card or not. 


Which Credit Cards Should I Have?

You will need different credit cards according to your needs, but there is no need to get more than one card in each category.

You need to get a credit card that will serve you for an extended period. This will help you get a good score just in case you want to borrow credit in the future. Moreover, you also need a credit card that will offer you rewards and cash backs on your daily purchases. Ultimately, search for a card that offers rewards that are compatible with the way you spend. 

Some people have multiple credit cards open at once

Canceling Your Credit Cards

You might have a lot of credit cards and may be wondering how to cancel them. Whatever the case, cutting that plastic card into pieces is not canceling it, it still is in operation until you call your bank insurer to have it revoked.

You will need to call your bank or card issuer and tell them you want your card canceled. If you have any outstanding fees, you might have to transfer them to another card or pay them off before you close your credit card.

In some cases, when a person decides to close their accounts, card issuers tend to give them a competitive deal, if you find yourself in this situation, consider closing an old account and retain the new accounts.

Usually, it takes about six months for your credit card account to be closed completely. However, this process might be longer or shorter, depending on the kind of card issuer you are dealing with.