Earn Luxury Travel Perks With The Platinum Card From American Express

An increasing number of people today prefer to use credit cards to make payments. Mostly, the habit is brought out of necessity rather than a luxury as many people need to use credit to get through their day-to-day lives. All in all, credit cards are quite essential.

And, with credit cards, what you’re almost certain of is the perks. That’s one of the main selling points issuers use to bring more users to their products. American Express isn’t different in this regard with their Platinum Card. There’s more than enough offerings, like luxury travel perks, to get you interested in this card.


For more information, continue reading below. In this article, we will tell you more about those luxury travel perks as well as other benefits of being a cardholder of this card. We will also tell you about the fees and application process associated with this card.luxury travel


Luxury Travel Perks

One thing that you’re assured of when you’re approved for this card is that your travels will be luxurious. Not just luxurious though, it will also relieve some of your stress when traveling on this card. These luxurious perks come in different sections, such as the following.


Global Lounge Access

How would you feel about having access to around 1,000 plus airport lounges across the globe? Well, that’s what you get with the American Express Platinum Card. And that’s just part of the luxury perks you get.

Hotel And Resort Perks

The other part of the much-famed luxurious perks offered is complimentary benefits. They can range anywhere up to $500 in over 1,000 properties. This includes breakfast and room upgrades, and that’s in addition to guaranteed late checkout.

One thing that actually isn’t guaranteed is the room upgrade. You can only get an upgrade when a room is available.


$200 Airline Fee Credit

Another part of the luxurious travel perks is the $200 airline credit that comes with this American Express Platinum Card. You, however, have to select the airline you want to receive the credit fee on, per calendar year.

No Foreign Transaction Fees

One thing that deters a number of users from using credit cards on their travels is the foreign transaction fee. Those, however, are fears you won’t have to deal with when you have this card. There are no foreign transaction fees attached to this card whatsoever.

Global Assist Hotline

Making your life comfortable, that’s what the American Express Platinum Card is all about. That’s why you have a global assist hotline to help you in your times of need. From medical, legal, and emergency assistance to missing luggage assistance, you’ve got it all covered.

Other Rewards

Some of the other rewards you get with this card are quite appealing as well. As much as it’s a luxury travel card, there’s still more to it. For example, the 60,000 membership points you earn when you spend $5,000 on purchases within the first 90 days of opening your account.

There’s also a $200 reward in Uber cash per year. You’ll be riding like a VIP when you get this card. You’ll get $15 per month on your US rides on your Uber account. In addition to that, you get a $20 bonus per year if your card is operational in December.

Other great perks you earn with this card include 5X points when you pay for your flight using the card. Also, for all pre-booked hotel rooms through AMEX travels, you get 5X points as well.

Remember To Consider The Fees

In terms of fees, there are clearly mapped out and advertised fees and others that you have to ask your bank about. But for everyone, there is only one fee do they really look at, the annual fee.

With the big rewards that you get with this card, you expect the annual fee to be on the high. There’s a $550 annual fee associated with this American Express Platinum Card. Further, there is an APR of 26.24% on this card, which may be higher than other cards on the market.

Application And How To Apply

Today’s world is quite digitized and applying for a credit card can take only 30 seconds — at least to get a reply if your application was successful or not. When applying for this card, the process is easy. You can follow this link to start the process and enjoy luxury travel perks.

When applying, be able to provide personal information such as your income, account numbers, and social security number. Do note that American Express will check your credit score in the process of reviewing your application.

Contact American Express

If you would like to speak about this card with American Express directly, you can reach them at 1-800-528-4800. Alternatively, you can visit their main office at 3151 W Behrend Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85027, United States.

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When in the market for a travel card, this card should be at the top of your list. It’s not designed for those who want a low-cost card, but the luxury travel perks more than make up for the annual fees charged.

Disclaimer: All credit products carry risk. Be aware of these risks by reading the associated terms and conditions