3 of the Worst Credit Card Tips You Might Hear

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If you want to improve your credit, you could take workshops on the use of credit cards, read as many personal finance books as you can, talk to friends and family, and seek consultation as well. Be careful though, not all advice is valuable. Always steer clear of bad advice, especially when it comes to … Read more

The Future of Credit Cards in 4 Predictions

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Over the last couple of years, credit cards have been enjoying quite busy times in local and international markets. In most countries, credit cards have been the bedrock of commercial setups. So, the future is looking increasingly bright in terms of credit cards. So, what more can be expected of them, or rather, what are … Read more

The 5 Credit Card Lies You’ve Been Told

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Every day, you cannot fail to find someone offering advice, especially when it comes to the topic of credit cards. From bloggers to bankers, frequent flyers, and even credit counselors, the list is endless. The issue is that most of this information is self-serving or contradictory to what we already know. Can you remember some … Read more